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We at True Line Animations came up with exciting video concepts for University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center, and helped them gain more of their target audience. Find out more about how we did it for them.

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Project Overview

University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center is one of the leading health plans provider in the entire Pittsburgh. University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center comes up with new ideas for better healthcare and lifestyle. They have created a unique laboratory to align incentives, deliver better care, and improve the health of our members. Their latest innovations that control costs and improve health outcomes are a ground breaking discovery and they wanted to promote it.

They came to us with their exciting new ways to reduce costs of treatment and improve overall health outcomes and asked us to create a video for them. Before working on their video, we wanted do a thorough research over their services and products and we certainly did. We made sure that they create impact on their target audience that consisted of individuals who were facing issues with their health and wanted an affordable yet highly innovative way to get their health checked up. They asked us for four highly engaging and informative videos that would help them spread their word with ease.

So, we made sure that their video was handled by one of our highly trained video animators who would fulfill pretty much all of their requirements and we made sure that university of University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center was completely satisfied with our remarkable video composition services.

Video Testimonial

Working with True Line Animations was a great experience. From storyboarding to the transitions to the visual elements that were used in the video, everything was perfect. Thanks team :)


Professional video making company, i had a project with True Line Animations for animation and 3D and it was great


Outstanding services for True Line video, this is the second time we had a project with them and honestly, we are much satisfied with the delivered work, thanks team :)


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